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Apart from providing translations into English for USCIS use, we also support various languages. Here are more reasons why you should choose our USCIS translation services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is notarized translation a requirement for USCIS?
USCIS does not need notarized translations these days. However, there are specific documents in which it is a requirement. To be sure, you need to contact them for a more reliable response.
Do they require digital or hard copies for USCIS?
At the USCIS, both e-mailed, and hand-delivered copies are accepted. If the translation copy you have received is by e-mail, you can send it by the same means to USCIS. If you have a hard copy, it is also acceptable if you hand it in that way. They are both acceptable.
How do you define official translation?
This is a translation whose delivery has been done by a translator in possession of the relevant certification and known to be competent in both languages (original and target language). There are specific authorities that certify translators showing they are allowed to do the translation work on official capacity.
Who is a sworn translator, and what do they do?
This is someone appointed and with authority from the government, official court, and in some cases the officials leading the foreign affairs ministry and permitted to do translation and issue certified papers. This translator has to certify the document that has been translated by attaching the original piece with a formal declaration that the translation is correct. Validation is done using an official stamp.
What is a certified version of a translated document?
This is a translation which has the certificate indicating that it is accurate. Moreover, the original document is also attached as a sign that the translation is a reflection of the original document. It also shows that the translator of the document is someone who is certified to do the work by the relevant authorities.
Does a birth certificate have to be translated for USCIS?
If the birth certificate is not written in English, it has to be translated and certified following the requirements provided by USCIS
Are the translated documents required to be notarized?
USCIS does not need notarized translations. However, some documents need translation and notarization. It is important to make inquiries from the institution in question if it is a requirement for the documents submitted to them.
Can the public notaries translate birth certificates?
Although a public notary does not translate the documents, one is permitted to translate birth certificates if they are proficient in both languages involved. They can then certify the translation. However, the notary cannot notarize the translation they have done on their own. For USCIS translation, the certification is enough. Where notarization is needed, the individual who signed the certificate indicating the accuracy has to be presented to the notary office. The notary confirms the intensity of the person before the notarization of the translation.
What is the certified translation of a given document?
It is the translation that has the certificate of accuracy that verifies the accuracy of the translation as a copy of the original. Moreover, the certificate shows that the expert or company that did the translation is qualified and authorized to do the translation.