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The proprietary information of our clients is our top priority. We assure all of our clients that their data is treated confidentially.

Language Identifier

Use our tool to identify the language the text is written in. Just copy and paste the snippet of the text into the box and push Identify button.

Italian Translation

Italy...an amazing country with amazing history and truly melodic language. We offer you to take an insight to Italian language and learn more about the specific features of English to Italian translation.

Italian belongs to Roman languages and besides Italy it is spoken in Switzerland, Vatican City and San Marino, and it is also widely common in Malta, Croatia, Monaco, France, Libya and Americas due to the immigrant communities. According to EU stats, Italian is a mother tongue of 65 million people in the EU, which makes 13% of EU population.

Why Language Is Not Enough?

It may take you by surprise but the knowledge of Italian is not enough to be a good translator of this language. Let's see why. A translator irrespective of the language should know all about text analysis as well as cross-cultural reading and the basic idea about text types and genres. And here we would like to emphasize that our team of Italian translators consists of native speakers that have a profound experience of the field they work in. Besides translators, the team that works with the clients who order Italian translation includes professional proofreaders and editors. Note that the proofreaders that work with your texts are native speakers of the language you marked as target (the language you translate your texts into).

If you order a website translation, be it static HTML or PHP/Java site, our software engineers and quality assurance editors will control the process and make sure that you get the result that will exceed your expectations.

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