Chinese Interpreters and Translation

China has became a world manufacturing leader producing large amount for products and goods. That is why, professional Chinese translation services are of high demand nowadays. We work with qualified professionals in the spheres of technical, legal, marketing, scientific, trade and finance translations who will help your business to collaborate successfully with Chinese partners. Our interpreters cope with different types of services, such as simultaneous and consecutive translation online and over the phone. We will help you to carry out meeting, conferences and presentations on different topics.

Certified Chinese Translation

Certified translators are eligible of validating legal and financial documentations. Ordering our Chinese translation services, you receive a full translation package. Our professional will translate the document and provide their validation approving accuracy and consistency of translation. Certified Chinese translation is a convenient service for all kinds of legal deals and transactions.

Services We Provide

We offer translation services from Mandarin, Wu and Cantonese dialects provided by experienced translators. We are ready to perform English to Chinese and Chinese to English translation and interpreting services. We work within a number of industries, including the most demanded fields, such as engineering & construction, manufacturing, power, mining, pharmacy, chemical industry, telecommunication, information technology, consumer products, and many others. We will translate all types of business documents, including legal contracts, technical documentation, financial statements, marketing materials and business letters, certified Chinese translation. We guarantee the quality of our services by collaborating with experienced translators with deep knowledge of Chinese and providing editing and proofreading help.

Why Us?

We believe that our mission is to support business partnership and contribute to comfortable communication between residents of different countries. We build up strong and long-term relationships with every client, finding best professionals specializing in the required industries and types of work. Order the translation services from us to receive:

  • Professional Chinese interpreters and translation services
  • Online customer support
  • User-friendly environment
  • Affordable price
  • Negotiated terms and conditions.
Contact us and we will consult you how to fill in the order form, pick up a translator for you, and provide instructions to your translator.