Certified German Translation

German is one of the main business languages across Europe and around the globe. That is why professional German translation is of high demand on the market. When choosing a translator to work with your documents, it is extremely important to consider the following aspects:

  • Certification that allows to perform professional translations
  • Certification approving language proficiency
  • Real translation experience
  • Industries of specialization

At Wise Translation we do it for you, employing only certified and experienced translators who proved their language proficiency. Hundreds of private and corporate clients trust us to translate their files. Become one of them and we will exceed your expectations.

The Services We Suggest

We provide different kinds of German document translation, including corporate and business documentation, legal documents, websites, marketing materials, private letters, interpreting services and many others. Our editors and proofreaders ensure the high quality of German translation services. Our customer support representatives are online to help you order translation from us. They will consult you on all the technical issues, and suggest a professional translator for the type of work you need. Contact them immediately or ask them to call you at any convenient time.

Our Experience

We provide German language services for a few years already. Our clients are large corporations, innovative startups and successful entrepreneurs. We build up strong relationships with our customers and partners, which allows us to collaborate for many years. We treat every customer individually and we are always ready to discuss loyalty programs and discounts in case of long-term collaborations. We are always happy to receive a feedback from you. We work hard on improving our services and becoming better in terms of quality, convenience, and customer service.

Our Specialists

Every day we receive applications from professional translators who want to work with us. And only a few of them get hired. As premium quality is a top value for Wise Translation, all the applicants have to pass several stages to get hired. First, we screen resumes to check experience and portfolios of our translators. Second, we check their certificates for ability to provide certified German translation. Finally, we check their trial task to make sure they produce high-quality product. That is why, working with us you may be sure to receive exceptional translation of your files.