Fast Korean Language Translations

Wise Translation offers fast and approachable Korean translation services performed by certified professionals and native speakers.

We provide different types of services, including but not limited to:

  • Technical Translation

    We translate technical files and documentation within a number of industries: manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, mining, aviation, engineering, etc. The types of documents may include product documentation, technical requirements, patents, user instructions, quality certifications and others.

  • Legal Translation

    Translation of legal documents – contracts, powers of attorney, statutes, decrees, reports, assignments, licenses and many other.

  • Judicial Translation

    Translations of different types of documents used in judicial processes: writs, pleadings, warrants, decrees and verdicts, judgments, examinations and inquisitions

  • Literary Translation

    Accurate literary Korean translation keeping up to author style, semantic content, text consistency both in prose and poetry.

  • Scientific Translation

    We are ready to translate research works, theses, and scientific papers of different levels of difficulty from and to Korean.

  • Financial Documents Translation

    Various types of financial documentation, such as business plans, tax reports, statements of accounts, income and cash flow statements, balance sheets and many others.

  • Translation of Marketing Materials

    Our Korean Language translators work with all the types of marketing materials: articles, advertisements, e-mails, websites, etc.

  • Certified Translation

    We offer the services of certified translators who can sign and validate legal documents.

Korean Interpreter Services

We provide remote interpreter services and have extensive experience of conference, online, phone and other services. We will help you to choose the interpreter based on type of work required.

Our Experience

We acquired extensive experience providing English to Korean and Korean to English translation services for a wide range of businesses. Our expertise is highly appreciated by our clients.

How to order?

Contact our support team to receive help in completing the order form, placing payment and providing instructions to the translation. We are online 24/7 to answer all your questions.