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This page lists press coverage of Wisetranslations that mentions or discusses Wisetranslations as a translations company: press releases, articles, general information, goals, history, or views on our company, and so on.

Translation business sees no slowdown any time soon | 28 June, 08

The company has been in business for nearly 5 years and has seen a surprising increase in business despite many sectors of the economy experiencing a slow down. "This is because many companies are selling their goods or services in other markets such as Europe or Asia that are unaffected. We are here to help bridge the language gap by translating contracts and promotional materials etc", says Austin Smith (sales director for the company).

Businesses Choosing to go Global are making WiseTranslations their Translation Partner by Choice

EworldWire News | 26 June, 08

News Blaze | 26 June, 08

Translation is not only the building block of globalization in the modern business world but a necessary process to ease sharing of knowledge and expertise. Future expansion of business into online venues opens additional opportunities for WiseTranslations, as businesses engaging in Internet business are working to accommodate demand for information to be available in every major language because they know they can be far more effective when localizing products and services - by presenting offerings in native language. Projections in population growth such as by the United Nations reflects estimates that the world's population today will move from nearly 6.7 billion to 9.2 billion by 2050.

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