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Wise Testimonials

“I had an urgent deadline on a important account and I was very pleased with the quality level provided by your company.“


The proprietary information of our clients is our top priority. We assure all of our clients that their data is treated confidentially.

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Our Testimonials

As the trusted partner for quality translations for many companies worldwide we supply everything from simple proposals to complex contracts. We have experience translating documents in many sectors and have clients in almost every country where business is conducted and there is a need for document translation. Our customers understand the value and advantage to their business that we provide.

Some of our clients:

Croatian sun

Croatian sun is the leading provider of real estate sales and property management services in Croatia. With many of the neighboring countries entering the European Union there has been strong investment interest in the region. Croatian sun having seen incredible growth in real estate and land investments wanted to go global and promote their business to international investors. They were in need of a professional English translation of their web site to attract potential clients and partners. It worked. The number of international clients increased nearly 40% in 2007. Croatian sun has now become a valued client. They rely on us for all of their translation needs.

“We just used your services for the first time. Thanks for your professional approach in everything you do: your responsiveness, your high quality translation, actually I cannot call it a translation, because it looks like original, native text. I am looking forward to continue business with you.”

Mirko Knezevic,

Head of Marketing and Communications.

Ampel Parts

Ampel Parts is a Brazilian supplier of automobile parts and accessories. The first time they contacted us to translate technical documentation for a new engine model we completed their order in 3 languages: Spanish, Portuguese and Arabic. Company needed the translation in 72 hours. Due to the efficient project management and high professionalism of the contracted translators, the documents were delivered by the morning of the deadline. Now every time Ampel Parts needs professional and prompt translations, they call their personal project manager at WiseTransaltions.com and we deliver what they need.

“It wasn’t easy to find a translation company that met all of our requirements – timeframe, budget, quality, reliability and well, simply has nice people in support and customer service. We feel lucky to have you as our translators –Thank you.”

Roberto Barbosa,

Technical Director.

Lumber Exporters

“We are import/ export company that provides exotic wood to wholesalers all around the world. We have been in business now for 15 years and receive orders for our products from all over the world. However, up until recently our website was completely in English. With the growing economies of many countries all around the world a new market for or products opened up. Thanks to Wisetranslations we have expanded our international business in a way that never seemed possible before. I would recommend wisetranslations to anyone who is doing global business and is in need of translation services”.

John Rogers, CEO

AED Information Systems

AED Information Systems provides solutions and services to companies around the world. Their extended international reach, supported by local engagement, enables to use technology and innovation to build and maintain business success. We were glad to deliver first class English – Arabic and English – Japanese Marketing Translation for the company.


IDI-CYBOR is the world leader in supplying precision photochemical dispense and management technology to the semiconductor fabrication industry. The company designs and manufactures a full line of dispense systems used in semiconductor photolithographic processing including resist, develop, EBR, low-k, SOG and solvent.

Diversity Capital de Mexico

Diversity Capital de Mexico represents one of the largest private funds in the market, and their wealth of knowledge also makes them one of the most consistent and fastest growing funds in the world with more than 20 years of experience. The company offers an access to the many benefits that the Forex Market gives to investors.


DemandTec's Professional Services organization is the most experienced group in the world in successfully implementing analytic, collaboration, and optimization solutions for the retail and consumer products industries.

Welch Allyn

Welch Allyn is a privately-held, internationally-recognized manufacturer of innovative medical diagnostic equipment and therapeutic devices, cardiac defibrillators, patient monitoring systems, and miniature precision lamps.

"Spanopoulos Bros" Group of Companies

The "Spanopoulos Bros" Group of Companies is a dynamic and flexible maritime services venture that offers maritime services in Greece, the rest of the Mediterranean Sea and other areas in Europe.


Mototours is a motorcycle tours operator, based in Neuenhof, not far from Zurich. Wisetranslations.com assisted the company with first-class marketing and promotion materials. Mototours' perspective is to make tourists feel at home even when they are experiencing new horizons. A professional translation by a native speaker in the target language is the key in attaining the goal. German translators from our company assured that every word in the supplied brochures (booklets) was used in the right place. The returning and satisfied customers are the best evidence that the translators have successfully interpreted the main marketing message of the company.

“We appreciate your understanding of our business goals and professional approach”.

David Colman,

Project manager.


Caron is one of the largest producers of industrial and agricultural vehicles in Italy. They do business with clients in many countries all over the world: Germany, Austria, France, Spain and The United States. In 2008 Caron contacted us to translate their brochures, guides, technical documentation and contracts into German, French, Spanish and English. The translation was a large project that required a team of 8 translators working for nearly a month. We were able to provide absolute compliance of each translated copy with the original documents. Our team of native speaking professionals possessed the technical expertise and working knowledge to comprehend the details of the industry. Every translated draft was reviewed by industry experts in the four languages.

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